The Ultimate wood heating alternative

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A cleaner and more efficient alternative to traditional wood fuels.

Ekologs are distributed across Australia by Eco Friendly Solutions Pty Ltd and have been available to Australian customers for over ten years. Ekologs are produced by densifying wood residues into compressed, high energy wood logs. These logs are high performance firewood.

  • Clean
  • Efficient
  • Ease Of Use
  • Available Nationwide
  • CO2 Neutral
  • Environmentaly Friendly
  • More Value for your Dollar
  • Kindling & Firewood in One

Where To Buy

Ekologs are available in Bunnings stores throughout Australia and in IGA stores in Western Australia.


(Second grade wood briquettes are available for bulk purchase in all Australian cities, contact us for more details.)

How To Use

Lighting Instructions

Caution: Don NOT overfill stoves / fireplaces as Ekologs can expand by up to 60%.

Step 1

Break off 5 - 6 pieces (roughly 40mm in length) from one Ekolog to make kindling.

Step 2

Place broken pieces around a firelighter and wait until the fire starts to burn freely.

Step 3 (30 min later)

Add two or three Ekologs onto the kindling in a crisscross manner. Do not close the air flow until the Ekologs are alight.

Step 4

Add more Ekologs as required.


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